Why Would You Consider Working Freelance?

What is Freelance?

Freelance work is doing your regular job but not under any employer or business firm. Usually, a freelancer provides service to different companies or businesses on their basis.

Reasons Why People Freelance

Extra income. For workers who have a regular job in the daytime, let’s say a school teacher for an 8-5 job,  you can have an extra 2 hour of your time to freelance as a tutor. The added income can benefit you in many ways in the future.

Flexibility. Freelance jobs can give you a lot of flexibility, such as what time do you want to work, it can be home-based, you don’t need to follow dress codes strictly, and the best of all you can choose which job will you accept.

Independence and growth. Doing freelance can both develop your talent more in doing your craft or mastery for your job. If you are an actor and want to try freelance, chances are you will train more to do the part better to get the role.

A career breather. Not everyone who walks in freelancing keeps their regular job; some find it better than to stick in their monotonous corporate tasks. And some will completely change what they do to go on a career that they are dreaming of. A nurse can become a chef; a flight attendant can become a fashion model or a marketing agent to pursue writing.

Less stressful. Many people who chose to freelance is due to lesser stresses. You don’t have to think of competition or promotion since you are your own boss.

Work / Life balance. A bulk of workers who are now on freelancing jobs have better work and life balance. Most of them have their jobs based on their homes, creating a relaxing atmosphere, thus increasing productivity. Increasing productivity means finishing projects faster.