What Kind of Business a 14 Year Old Can Start?

Starting a business doesn’t depend on age. You can start young and be successful. Companies can come at any age, and you’ll never know what will come in surprise if you begin courageously. Just take the life of Mark Cuban and Fred De Luca as an example of young entrepreneurs who started their business journey at the age of 18.

If you are this teen with an entrepreneurial spirit or looking for something good in making extra money- having and launching your own business can be an absolute answer. So better take a look at these business ideas that are perfect for starting a company with a low investment cost.

Child Care

An accurate and tried business idea for teens is to establish and operate a babysitting or childcare business. During weekdays after school or even on weekends, you can offer and help your family and friends by providing child care in the safety of their homes. 

Lawn Care Business

If your teen’s hobby is to mow the lawn, you might need to consider that skill to gain profit. By marketing your lawn care services in your neighborhood, they may be thinking about it and can give you a lengthy list of customers too. Especially in the summer season, where you have a lot of time to do it, take it and don’t hesitate.

House Cleaning

For any teen who’s always ready to help keep house chores, they are most likely familiar with all the skills and tools they have and need in launching house cleaning services. By doing a simple mopping and vacuuming, you’ll indeed have a profit at your young age.

Art Lesson Business

If you love arts at your young age and you enjoy meeting people, an art lesson business can be a rewarding pursuit for you. Creating a structured lesson about arts and crafts will make your student want more of the module studies. This is a great business because it can be started for free right in your place.

Home Tutoring Business

If you have a talent and rank for a particular subject in school, consider creating and operating a home tutorial business. You can help the students with their homework or create your lessons for their business. With this business, the startup costs are virtually nothing. 

Soap Making Business

This business is an excellent opportunity for those who enjoy working with their hands and with scents. Making quality soap is a skill and hobby that anyone can do and obtain, but be reminded that it takes practice and effort to start this.

Greeting Card Business

One of the handmade crafts that are best for business is making greeting cards and selling it to the market or even to your closest friends. Today, many people are still seeking and turning to handwritten notes. By creating personalized and eye-catching designs, teens will indeed look forward to these things. 


With a dash of modern technology, you could launch an online business through blogging. This will take a little more time to make a profit, but it is worth the wait. Just keep on being posted and grow your audience.