Flame Detector Partnership with Minerva

Flame Detector Partnership with Minerva
July 28, 2017 No Comments Blog,Services admin

Recently, Laolaobay partnered with Minerva-intra Malaysia Ltd to protect our guests and employees. They installed flame detection and ionization systems along with gas detection monitoring system to all our onsite facilities.

According to research, each year, there are billions of dollars worth of properties consumed by fire which result to substantial financial loss for millions of families and individuals. Global figures of fire casualties are simply staggering, estimated to be about 300,000 yearly. However, even with these alarming figures, the potential threats posed by fire are usually ignored by most people.

However, while there is no way to predict fire hazards, these can be controlled to a large extent. Advancements in modern technology in recent years made it possible to detect fire even in early stages before it gets big enough to inflict serious damage and there are also some automated systems which can control it from taking place. Among the most crucial inventions is none other than the flame detectors which have genuinely contributed to saving a lot of lives and properties.

Identify Deadly Fires Early On

Majority of dangerous fire incidents start with just a small flame and this is not often detected until it gets too late. However, when you install a flame detector product in your premises, these disasters can be totally minimized and averted to a significant extent. Different types of flame detectors come equipped with infrared and ultraviolet sensors which can detect the abnormal heat signatures early on then warn people in the premises regarding the threat. This kind of early detection will not only guarantee an early intervention but can also prevent bigger and more serious damages. A flame detector can prove to be really effective in dramatically reducing fire related incidents when used in places built with wood, the material regarded to be the riskiest for fire.

Useful for Indoor Areas

Every indoor or enclosed space which is being used by many people daily can prove to be a very dangerous spot for the occupants in case a huge fire breaks out. The heat from fire, possibility of structure collapse and presence of toxic gases all prove to be harmful and even fatal for any person. This is the reason why crowded and enclosed places like banquet halls, shopping malls, sports covered halls, concert venues, health clubs and others must always be ready to deal with such disasters and the use of a flame detector can be extremely crucial. Most governments all over the world have already made it mandatory for managers or owners of these places to make sufficient preparations against fire and this is when a flame detector proves to be essential.

Reliability is a Must

The exact reason why you should get a flame detector product and have it installed is in order to decrease harm in the best possible way. For this, it is important to guarantee that the system functions well and with no error. Thus, it is imperative that a device such as a flame detector is purchased from the most reliable provider that can offer regular after service. There are different brands that already garnered the trust of individuals, businesses and organizations due to their exceptional products and after sales services. So, if you like to install a flame detector, just make sure you always choose reliability over economy.

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