The Role Played By the Hotel Business in the Growth of Hospitality Industry

The Role Played By the Hotel Business in the Growth of Hospitality Industry
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The hotel business is one of the oldest businesses as there were always Inns and similar institutions even in old days where people used to pay for their stay and food. The hotel industry has come a long way from those initial establishments and the development and growth of the hotel business is directly proportionate with the changes in the lifestyles and standard of living of the people. As the definitions of luxury and needs have changed, the facilities and services provided by this industry have also changed. Today the hotel business is not considered as a different industry but is called as a part of the hospitality industry which a very big industry and it encompasses various other services like tourism and travel industry too. It covers all the business where people provide services to others. So we can say that the hospitality industry started with the hotel business and then it got too big so the hotel business is just one part of it.

As it is said earlier that hotel business changed because the requirements and expectations of people changed. People who travelled to various places wanted to spend some time in hotels which were luxurious and there were various other facilities provided for their comfort. They were ready to pay the charges for this luxuries and this marked the state of the change in the hotel business. Now there are various different types of hotels which cater to the needs of aspecific class of customers.

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